The J. Anthony Powell Foundation

The J. Anthony Powell Foundation

Supporting silicon carbide education, research, development, and manufacturing by investing in the next generation of STEM students, technicians, engineers, and scientists.


SiC can go where others can’t.

About J. Anthony Powell

NASA Glenn Hall of Fame Inductee, 2021

J. Anthony Powell was born in Kentucky, earned a master’s degree in physics from the University of Kentucky, and accepted a job at NASA Glenn Research Center (then NASA Lewis) in Cleveland just as the space race was gaining momentum.

Powell’s pioneering application of chemical vapor deposition for silicon carbide growth is one of the technical foundations of a global silicon carbide chip manufacturing industry.

Silicon Carbide: Super Chip of the future is here.

Silicon Carbide (SiC)

The “next gen” semiconductor that can take the world to hell and back.

Silicon carbide is a semiconductor material made of silicon (Si) and carbon (C). Semiconductors have unique electrical properties that allow them to serve as the foundation of electrical devices when sliced into thin “chips.” Silicon chips have been our electronic workhorse for decades, making the digital world we live in possible. But silicon can only take us so far.

Silicon carbide’s superior ability to function in extreme, harsh environments at high temperatures, voltage, and frequencies, will allow us to bust through the limits of our current electronic devices, making them smaller, lighter, more powerful, and infinitely more durable. Here’s where we’re going:

  • The corrosive, scorching surface of Venus

  • Nuclear powered spacecraft

  • Advanced, lighter electronics on drones and aircraft

  • More efficient, flexible power distribution systems that will wring every kilowatt out of limited and renewable energy sources.

  • Hybrid and electric vehicles with more power, more range, and better performance in harsher, hotter climates.

A Message from the Founders


We are the family and old friends of J. Anthony (Tony) Powell and have much work to do before we launch our idea of honoring him for the brilliant work he accomplished at NASA and for being the father, husband, friend, and mentor he still is today.

In our archives, we have hundreds of pages of Tony’s daily research log entries dating back to the early 1960’s, crystal samples, photos, patents, letters and awards. We hope to share these materials in ways that inspire current and future champions of SiC technology.

Going through Tony’s boxes revealed the depth of admiration his colleagues around the world have for him. Tony is a quiet, humble, and “half-full” kind of human being. We hope to share his inspiring story, too, which found him steadfast in his perseverance through family troubles in pursuit of his dream.

At NASA, Tony never wanted to be the smartest person in the room because he always wanted to learn more. He shared his knowledge and expertise generously, mentoring colleagues, tutoring those who needed help in science or math, and reaching out to marginalized communities to draw them into his beloved world of STEM. 

Lastly, we would like to honor Mary Kay Shipacasse Powell, Tony’s wife of 50+ years. She always said that NASA and SiC was our father’s mistress. She was jealous, but she knew she was the love of his life. Mary passed away in 2020.

Tony lives in Dublin, Ohio near his daughter, Jeanne. He struggles with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, but still sees the glass half-full and is fascinated by the world around him.

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