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    Genre Fiction, Children's Fiction & Community Voices

    Genre Fiction, Children's Fiction & Community Voices

About Us

Welcome to Spark Street Media.

We are a small press publisher that strives for excellence in genre fiction and short story anthologies.


In genre fiction, we look for stories from both emerging and established writers that surprise us, challenge us, freak us out and make us care. We are especially interested in stories that cross over from the real world into fantasy, horror or science fiction. We want to see that first discovery, that reveal, and ride along as your well-drawn characters react, innovate, adapt…or perish.

With regard to anthologies, we are interested in working with local writing cooperatives and communities to publish story collections from around the United States and the world with a special emphasis on lifting up marginalized voices. We want your far-out fiction, your battle scars, your everyday anecdotes, your hopes and your dreams.



Spark ideas. Spark creation. Spark change.